The intercuneiform articulations are articulations among the cuneiform bones.

The term "cuneocuboid articulation" is sometimes used to describe the joint between the cuboid and lateral cuneiform, but this term isn't recognized by Terminologia Anatomica.

The three cuneiform bones and the cuboid are connected together by dorsal, plantar, and interosseous ligaments:

  • The dorsal ligaments consist of three transverse bands: one connects the first with the second cuneiform, another the second with the third cuneiform, and another the third cuneiform with the cuboid.
  • The plantar ligaments have a similar arrangement to the dorsal, and are strengthened by slips from the tendon of the Tibialis posterior.
  • The interosseous ligaments consist of strong transverse fibers which pass between the rough non-articular portions of the adjacent surfaces of the bones.

The synovial membrane of these joints is part of the great tarsal synovial membrane.

The movements permitted between these bones are limited to a slight gliding upon each other.

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