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Origin: Supraspinous fossa ofscapula

Insertion: Superior facet of greater tubercle ofhumerus

Artery: Suprascapular artery

Nerve: Suprascapular nerve

Action: Abduction of arm and stabilizes humerus

Antagonist: Infraspinatus, teres minor, pectoralis major, andlatissimus dorsi

The Supraspinatus occupies the whole of the supraspinatous fossa, arisingfrom its medial two-thirds, and from the strong supraspinatous fascia. The muscular fibers converge to a tendon, which crosses the upper part of the shoulder-joint, and is insertedinto the highest of the three impressions on the greater tubercle of the humerus; the tendon is intimately adherent to the capsule of the shoulder-joint.

Cette définition contient du texte provenant d'une édition publique de Gray's Anatomy (20eme édition Américaine de "Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body" publiée en 1918 - http://www.bartleby.com/107/).


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