Originating from the proximal cavernous segment of the ICA, the meningohypophyseal trunk (MHT) may come off as a single trunk or a collection of vessels.  MHT vessels supply the posterior pituitary and portions of the clivus, CN III, IV, V, and VI, pituitary gland, tentorium cerebelli, and adjacent dura.  Extensive collateral pathways exist with the ILT, MMA, and hypoglossal branch of the ascending pharyngeal artery.

The main branches of the meningohypophyseal trunk are :

  • Lateral Tentorial Artery along the lateral edge of the tentorium, and in hemodynamic balance with petrosquamosal branches of the MMA and Occipital Artery
  • Marginal Tentorial Artery a.k.a. Bernasconi-Cassinari along the free edge
  • Inferior Hypophyseal Artery, branching into:
    • Hypophyseal branches supplying the posterior and parts of anterior
    • Inferior Clival Branch descending along the dorsum sella where it is in hemodynamic balance with the ascending clival braches of the Ascending Pharyngeal
  • Lateral Clival artery, branching into:
    • Lateral Branch of the Lateral Clival artery which runs alongside the Superior Petrosal Sinus
    • Medial Branch of the Lateral Clival Artery which runs alongside the Inferior Petrosal Sinus and is in balance with Jugular branches of the Ascending Pharyngeal

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