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Confort Through Sound

MRIaudio is the leading provider of MRI-safe audio entertainment products. Our stereo systems are used daily around the world to help improve patient comfort, reduce the prevalence of aborted scans, enhance technologist to patient communication, and much more. Call us today to learn why we’re one of the fastest growing names in patient comfort and to schedule your no-obligations free trial.


The MRIaudio Patient Stereo is our best-selling MRI-safe audio entertainment solution. It was designed around the needs of patients, technologists and imaging centers alike. Patients get high-quality pneumatic sound enabling them to comfortably pass time in the magnet. Technologists get the easiest system to use. And imaging centers get improved operations and lasting assurance with our industry-leading warranties.


No other patient stereo provides the quality, service, value or versatility of the MRiaudio Patient Stereo, and it’s guaranteed to work flawlessly with your MRI or your money back.


See our product presentation for more info.




Address : 5370 Toscana Way #412, San Diego, CA 92122

Phone: 858.427.0679
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