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2014.02.05 - Supersonic imagine

Today, a new diagnostic imaging modality has emerged, called elastography, which uses ultrasound to assess tissue differences in stiffness (or elasticity).It provides an imaging representation of what was historically assessed qualitatively by palpation.The main objectives of elastography are to...


 Avec l’évolution des machines et la multiplication du nombre de prescriptions d’examens ionisants, l’augmentation de l’irradiation médicale qui représente aujourd’hui près de la moitié de l’irradiation totale, devient un réel problème.

2014.10.01 - Bayer Healthcare

 Une approche différenciatrice pour la dosimétrie patientRadimetrics est un logiciel de gestion de la dosimétrie patient édité par Bayer Healthcare qui calcule la dose absorbée par organe ainsi que la dose efficace. Cette solution permet aussi d’évaluer, de façon automatique, la dose reçue s...

2014.10.01 - Philips Healthcare

The Liver Analysis application is intended for visualization, assessment and quantification of the liver that is extracted from abdominal CT images: specifically providing quantitative measurements of the liver volume, including blood supply and abnormalities within the liver. 

2014.12.01 - OLEA MEDICAL

This case study emphasizes the higher accuracy of Bayesian processing of CT perfusion images compared with SVD techniques and the good correlation with the diffusion images, on a patient with an acute stroke on left M3 in sylvian territory.The Bayesian post-processing method is a rigorous probabi...