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心臓(冠状動脈CT)の解剖学 - 断層像を使用したインタラクティブ人体アトラス

Antoine Micheau, Denis Hoa

Published on 2008年 8月 24日 日曜日

SECTION: 胸郭、腹部および骨盤の解剖学

Images and anatomical references

Interactive anatomy atlas of the heart and coronary arteries based on MDCT : loading page


Anatomy of the heart : axial slice with chambers, myocardium, pericardium, left and right coronary arteries and other structures labeled.


Two chambers slice of the heart on MDCT : left atrium and left ventricle, ascending aorta, aortic valve, inferior vena cava, pulmonary trunk and pulmonary veins.


Short axis view of the heart : anatomy of the left and right ventricles, interventricular septum, interventricular coronary artery corelated to electrocardiogramm (ECG) territories.


Illustration of the anatomy of the heart based on 3D volume rendering from computed tomography showing left and right chambers, coronary arteries and ascending aorta.

Anatomical parts

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