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腹骨盤腔 - CT

Antoine Micheau, MD, Denis Hoa, MD

出版日 2013年 2月 02日 土曜日

セクション: 胸郭、腹部および骨盤の解剖学



We commonly use normal exam of healthy patients to create the anatomical modules of e-anatomy. In this case, we’ve deliberately chosen an abnormal patient with an important peritoneal effusion. This allows to the user to perfectly see the different parts of the peritoneal cavity (omental bursa, paracolic gutters, mesentery, mesocolon…). That’s why this patient also has a hepatocellular carcinoma with cirrhosis, ascites, portal hypertension, portacaval anastomosis and splenomegaly!



腹骨盤腔(CT)の解剖学:網嚢,  網嚢孔, 結腸傍溝, 肝下陥凹

腹骨盤腔(CT)の解剖学: 横(器軸的)


腹骨盤腔(CT)の解剖学: S状結腸間膜, 小網, 大網, 臓側腹膜

腹骨盤腔(CT)の解剖学: 冠状


腹腔と骨盤腔 - 解剖学: 腹膜腔, 腸間膜, 直腸膀胱窩, 上腸間膜動脈

腹腔と骨盤腔 - 解剖学 : 矢状


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