下肢動脈と骨の解剖学: アンジオグラフィック三次元ビュー



Antoine Micheau, MD , Denis Hoa, MD


2017年 4月 12日 水曜日




Anatomy of the arteries and bones of the lower limb based on 3D pictures and angiogram (angiography).


Bone and artery of the pelvic girdle : anatomy based on medical imaging (3D images and angiogram adapted from computed tomography)


Angiography (angiogram) adapted from angioCT showing all pelvic arteries labeled : internal and external artery, pudendal artery, gluteal artery, femoral artery...


Radiography of the skeleton : all anatomical structures (bones and joints) of the pelvic girdle  labeled on a radiographic image (X-Rays)


Normal arteriography of the leg : image adapted from MDCT (MIP) showing  popliteal ,fibular, anterior tibial artery and posterior tibial artery


Radiography of the hip joint : anatomy of the whole human body based on medical imagin : femur, coxal bone, acetabulum, femoral head, iliac crest...


Anteroposterior radiology (X-ray) of the knee : anatomy of the femur, patella, tibia, fibula, lateral and medial condyle, intercondylar tubercle...


radiological atlas of the lower limb : radiograph of the knee (lateral view) showing joints (femoropatellar joint, femororibial joint, tibiofibular joint) and bones




Radioanatomy of the ankle : radiology of the ankle (lateral view) with anatomical structures labeled as calcaneus, talus, navicular, talo-crural joint.


Superior radiograph of the foot with all anatomical structures labeled (bones, joints)


Lateral view of the foot on radiography (X-ray) : metatarsals, phalanx, cuboid, navicular, cuneiform bones...


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