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膝の解剖学(MRI) - 断層像を使用した人体アトラス

Antoine Micheau, MD, Denis Hoa, MD

出版日 2008年 8月 25日 月曜日

セクション: 筋骨格の解剖学(上下肢)


Atlas of anatomy of the whole human body : anatomy of the knee adapted from medical imaging (MRI : Magnetic Resonance Imaging)


Cross sectional anatomy of the knee based on MRI : articular surface of patella and femur, condyle, epicondyle and muscles (popliteus, sartorius, gastrocnemius, semimembranous with tendos...)


Sagittal cross section of the knee : anatomy of the posterior and anterior cruciate ligaments, infrapateallar fat pad, patellar ligament, muscles, nerves and arteries of the popliteal fossa.


Anatomy of the knee on a coronal slice (MRI) : meniscus (lateral and medial), cruciate ligaments, vastus (lateralis, intermedius, medialis), tibial and fibular collateral ligaments.


3D pictures of the knee : anterior view showing the anatomy of the patella, femur, tibia, fibula and femorotibial joint.


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