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Frequently asked questions about Institutional subscriptions


My institution has a subscription to IMAIOS Online, but I'm not able to see the labels of anatomy modules and switch to full-screen display. I'm prompted for a username and password. Why is this happening?

When this happens, the IP address for your machine is not being recognized by our computer. This failure is caused by one of three things:

  • Your institutional subscription has not yet been activated
  • The person who "activated" the online subscription did not enter in all needed IP addresses for your institution
  • The person who "activated" the online subscription does not realize that some subnets of your institution are routed through a proxy server

For any of these reasons, please notify your institution or library administrator or IT department that you would like access to IMAIOS Online and refer him or her to the institutional information pages on this web site.Or you can send us Feedback so that we can try to diagnose the problem.*


How can my institution subscribe to IMAIOS online?

Notify your library that you would like access to IMAIOS Online, and encourage your librarian to activate the online subscription. Another possibility is that the unique IP (Internet Protocol) address of your machine is not being recognized by the online access sytem. Your institution may not have included your IP address when the administrator activated the online subscription. You may notify you librarian or subscription administrator that you would like access to IMAIOS Online and refer him or her to the portion of our web site that explains institutional subscription activation.


Who from my institution can access IMAIOS Online?

Authorized users (faculty, registered students, staff, and on-site visitors) may access IMAIOS Online from registered IP addresses located at your institution.


What is an Institution?

For the most part, an Institutional Subscription authorizes use at a localized site. A "site" is an organizational unit, and may be academic or nonacademic. For organizations located in more than one city, each city office is considered a different site. For organizations within the same city that are administered independently, each office is considered a different site.


How does Institutional Access work?

When someone attempts to use IMAIOS Online, our server checks to see if the requesting computer is within the list of internet IP address provided by a subscribing institution. If it is, the reader will be able to use all those services enabled for institutional readers. For institutional subscribers, there are no usernames or passwords to remember, and there is currently no limit on the number of readers from your institution who may access IMAIOS Online simultaneously.

If readers want to access IMAIOS Online from computers that are not part of your institutional network (e.g., through dial-in or telnet through a commercial Internet service provider) they can do so only through a member subscription.


What do IMAIOS Online institutional subscribers have access to?

Institutional Subscribers have access to: Full e-anatomy atlas, labels in all languages, full-screen display.
Access is limited to computers within a particular set of internet IP addresses but a password system can also be set up for remote or dynamic IP users.


How can I tell if my institution has subscribed to IMAIOS Online?

If your institution has a subscription, it will be indicated on top of this page.


Still have questions?

For further information, please contact IMAIOS.