犬の骨学 - 犬の骨の解剖学イラストレーション入りアトラス


Antoine Micheau , Denis Hoa , Susanne AEB Borofka - PhD - dipl. ECVDI


2019年 2月 27日 水曜日



犬の骨学 - 犬の骨の解剖学イラストレーション入りアトラス

This veterinary anatomy module of the dog contains 218 illustrations dedicated to the canine osteology anatomy.

Here are presented scientific illustrations of the canine skeleton, with the main dog's bones and its structures displayed from different anatomical standard views (cranial, caudal, lateral, medial, dorsal, palmar..). Some of the different canine joints are labeled.

The drawings anatomical labeling of these illustrations were done by Gauthier Kervyn, under the anatomical and scientific supervision of MD Antoine Micheau and MD Denis Hoa. 

The translation of the anatomical terms was supervised by Barbara Stockler.

These illustrations of animal anatomy are under the copyright of IMAIOS and can not be freely used.


Anatomy of canine osteology (illustrations)

Anatomy of canine osteology (illustrations)


頭蓋;ズガイ - Dog - Osteology

頭蓋;ズガイ - Dog - Osteology


胸郭 - 犬

胸郭 - 犬


尺骨 / 橈骨 - 犬

尺骨 / 橈骨 - 犬


寛骨 - Canine osteology: illustrations

寛骨 - Canine osteology: illustrations


Dog - Osteology - Illustrations - 足根;あしくび

Dog - Osteology - Illustrations - 足根;あしくび



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