Origin: Temporal lines on the parietal bone of the skull

Insertion: Coronoid process of the mandible

Artery: Deep temporal

Nerve: Third branch (mandibular nerve) of the trigeminal nerve

Action: Elevation and retraction of mandible

Antagonist: Platysma muscle

The Temporalis (Temporal muscle) is a broad, radiating muscle, situated at the side of the head. It arises from the whole of the temporal fossa (except that portion of it which is formed by the zygomatic bone) and from the deep surface of the temporal fascia. Its fibers converge as they descend, and end in a tendon, which passes deep to the zygomatic arch and is inserted into the medial surface, apex, and anterior border of the coronoid process, and the anterior border of the ramus of the mandible nearly as far forward as the last molar tooth.


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