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The lumbosacral joint is a joint between the last lumbar vertebra and the first sacral segment of the vertebral column.[

The ligaments connecting the fifth lumbar vertebra with the sacrum are similar to those which join the movable segments of the vertebral column with each other—viz.: 1. The continuation downward of the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments. 2. The intervertebral fibrocartilage, connecting the body of the fifth lumbar to that of the first sacral vertebra and forming an amphiarthrodial joint. 3. Ligamenta flava, uniting the laminæ of the fifth lumbar vertebra with those of the first sacral. 4. Capsules connecting the articular processes and forming a double arthrodia. 5. Inter- and supraspinal ligaments.

On either side an additional ligament, the iliolumbar, connects the pelvis with the vertebral column.


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