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Supply the medulla oblongata and the pons.

Stroke pattern of acute occlusion or the basilar artery :

  • sudden death/loss of consciousness
  • top of the basilar syndrome:
    • visual and oculomotor deficits
    • behavioural abnormalities
    • somnolence, hallucinations and dreamlike behaviour
    • motor dysfunction is often absent
  • proximal and mid portions of the basilar artery (pons) can result in patients being 'locked in' :
    • complete loss of movement (quadriparesis and lower cranial dysfunction)
    • preserved consciousness
    • preserved ocular movements (often only vertical gaze)

The vascular territories in the cerebellum and brainstem: CT and MR study. by Savoiardo M, Bracchi M, Passerini A, Visciani A. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 1987 Mar-Apr;8(2):199-209. Oxford Textbook of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease - Bo Norrving - Oxford University Press, 2019


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