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The brachiocephalicus lies on the neck deep to the sphincter colli superficialis and platysma. It is a long, flat muscle that extends from intersection clavicularis between brachium and the head and neck. It contents on its deep part a claviuclar remnant.

This muscle is divided in three portions in carnivores, named by their relations hip to the clavicular intersection:

  • Cleidobrachialis: the distal part from the clavicular intersection. This part is considered as the clavicular part of the deltoid muscle, but included into the brachiocephalic muscle because of the lack of clavicle in domestic animals.
  • Cleidocephalicus : the proximal part from the clavicular intersection, also divided into cervical part and mastoid part (there is an occipital part in Su and Ru)

Origin: Clavicular tendon and the distal end of the cranial surface of the humerus.

Insertion: Dorsal surface of the neck.

Action: Bilateral fixation of the neck.

Nerve: Brachiocephalic.

Text by Antoine Micheau, MD - Copyright IMAIOS


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