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 RadCore Qbank:

The premiere high-yield question bank just got even better for 2016...

  • New questions directed by your post-exam feedback
  • Enhanced NIS, Physics and RISE sections
  • Focus on answers with high-yield take home points
  • Authors with extensive exam writing experience
  • Most bank for buck - price conscious, just right for residents

Content: ~2000+ questions 
Improve your medical imaging diagnostics performance with unparalleled image manipulation features.
Test yourself against RadCore question bank spanning across core competencies in all imaging specialties and modalities, including Nuclear Medicine, Safety, Physics and Nuclear Regulatory Commission policies.
- Organs: Cardiac, MSK, Peds, Breast, GI, Neuro, Thorax, Repro, Endo, Urinary, Vascular
- Modalities: CT, IR, MR, NM, Rad/Fluoro, US
- Milestones: Image Interpretation, Procedures, Protocols, Consultation, Patients & Teams, Physics & Safety 

Updated: 03/09/2016
Languages: English
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Publisher: IMAIOS, Inc
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Content created by: Harlan B. Harvey, MD, JD, Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Rahul A. Sheth, MD, Department of RadiologyMassachusetts General Hospital



Question bank for QEVLAR Radiology


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NucCore Bundle Description:

Level: Residents, year 1 to graduation

Content: ~220+ questions


Twyla B. Bartel, DO, MBA, FACNMACNM Educational Committee ChairACNM Immediate Past PresidentGlobal Advanced Imaging, PLLC Tracy L. Yarbrough, MD, PhDACNM Educational Committee,Quevlar Sub-Committee ChairGlobal Advanced Imaging, PLLC
Lesley Flynt, MDACNM InternNuclear Medicine ResidentWilliam Beaumont HospitalFerndale, MI Alex Antoniou, MD, MAACNM Ex-Officio Board MemberNMRO PresidentJohns Hopkins MedicineBaltimore, MD


Rafay Ahmed, MDNMRO Vice President of Internal AffairsMolecular Imaging and PET-CT FellowDepartment of RadiologyUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical CenterPittsburgh, PA Erica Cohen, DO, MPH, CCDDepartment of RadiologyLoyola UniversityChicago, IL
Zaid Alfaham, MDNuclear Medicine ResidentBeaumont Health SystemRoyal Oak, MI Lida Jafari, MDNuclear Medicine ResidentGreater Los Angeles VA HealthcareLos Angeles, CA
Charles Marcus, MD                 Research FellowJohns Hopkins MedicineBaltimore, MD Roopa Ram, MDUniversity of Arkansas for Medical SciencesDepartment of RadiologyMusculoskeletal DivisionLittle Rock, AR
Rathan Subramaniam, MD, PhD, MPH,FACNMACNM PresidentJohns Hopkins MedicineDivision of Nuclear MedicineBaltimore, MD  

Use this QEVLAR Question Bundle to improve your medical imaging diagnostics performance with unparalleled image manipulation features.Test yourself against NucCore question bundle spanning across core categories: - Basic Science - Cardiovascular - Endocrine - Gastrointestinal - General - Genitourinary - Musculoskeletal - Neurology - Oncology-Infection - Pediatrics - Pulmonary 

Updated: 21/05/2015Languages: EnglishRequirements:Web App compatible with PC

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MacPublisher: IMAIOS, Inc© 2015 IMAIOS, IncContent created by:ACNM

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Radiology Demo-25

Question Bundle for QEVLAR Quiz


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Radiology Demo-25 Bundle Description:

Level: Residents, year 1 to graduationAuthors: Rahul A. Sheth, MD, Harlan B. Harvey, MD, JD - Department of RadiologyMassachusetts General HospitalContent: 25 sample questionsUse this QEVLAR Question Bundle to discover QEVLAR's unique features and functionalities:The Quiz that truely tests your knowledge to the limit.- Set a timelimit- Bookmark questions- Explore mini cases with image series- Analyse your performance- Share with your friends

Updated: 08/15/2013Languages: EnglishRequirements:Web App compatible with PC and MaciOS and Android apps


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Publisher: IMAIOS© 2013 IMAIOSContent created by:Harlan B. Harvey, MD, JDDepartment of RadiologyMassachusetts General HospitalRahul A. Sheth, MDDepartment of RadiologyMassachusetts General Hospital

Radiology Demo Bundle Questions

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