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These branches supply the medulla oblongata.


Stroke pattern:

Medial medullary infarcts have four major clinical patterns (and are often accompanied by a cerebellar infarct):

  1. Dejerine’s syndrome: controlateral hemiparesis and pain, thermal sensory loss plus ipsilateral lingual palsy
  2. Sensorymotor stroke without lingual palsy
  3. Hemiparesis, often combbined with nystagmus
  4. Bilateral infarct

Lateral infarcts produce more or less Wallenberg’s syndrome: ipsilateral paralysis of the IX and X nerves, loss of pain and temperature sense on the face, ataxia and vestibular signs (nystagmus, ipsilesional lateropulsion) and Horner syndrome, and contralateral dissociated hemianesthesia.

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