The right atrium is larger than the left, but its walls are somewhat thinner, measuring about 2 mm.; its cavity is capable of containing about 57 c.c. It consists of two parts: a principal cavity, or sinus venarum,situated posteriorly, and an anterior, smaller portion, the auricula.

Its interior  presents the following parts for examination:

  • Openings : Superior vena cava,  Inferior vena cava, Coronary sinus, Foramina venarum minimarum,  Atrioventricular
  • Valves : Valve of the inferior vena cava, Valve of the coronary sinus
  • Fossa ovalis. Limbus fossæ ovalis, Intervenous tubercle, Musculi pectinati, Crista terminalis

This definition incorporates text from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy (20th U.S. edition of Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, published in 1918 – from http://www.bartleby.com/107/).


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