Нейрососудистая анатомия по данным ангиографии


Antoine Micheau, MD , Denis Hoa, MD

Опубликовано на

4 декабря 2019 г.


Голова и шея

Анатомические структуры

Нейрососудистая анатомия по данным ангиографии

This anatomical module of e-Anatomy has been designed and created by Antoine Micheau, MD, and Denis Hoa, MD, radiologists in Montpellier (France). It is mainly dedicated for the residents or students as an introduction to the vascular anatomy of the brain. The neurointerventional  radiology requires so many anatomical kwnowledges that his anatomy can’t be s summarized in a single anatomical module.


Bibliography and sources used for creating this module:


  • All the publications from Rhoton and his collaborators, stil very accurate for microsurgical vascular anatomy of the brain.
    • Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy: Founded by Heinz Feneis 5th Edition by Dauber, Wolfgang (2006) Paperback




2 RU_13


3 RU_21


4 RU_37




5 RU_139


6 RU_69


7 RU_80


8 RU_28





Books and journals:

  • Various publications of AL Rhoton Jr. et al
  • Terminologia anatomica: international anatomical terminology By the  Federative Committee on Anatomical Terminology (FCAT).  Stuttgart:  Georg Thieme Verlag.  ISBN-10: 3-13-114361-4. ISBN-13: 978-3-13-114361-7.  
  • Netter, Frank H. (2011) Atlas of human anatomy /Philadelphia, PA : Saunders/Elsevier
  • Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy: 5th edition - W. Dauber, Founded by Heinz Feneis


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