Атлас лучевой анатомии собаки


Antoine Micheau - MD , Denis Hoa - MD , Susanne AEB Borofka - PhD - dipl. ECVDI

Опубликовано на

13 ноября 2018 г.



Анатомические структуры

Атлас лучевой анатомии собаки

This module of vet-Anatomy is a basic atlas of normal imaging anatomy of the dog on radiographs. 51 sampled x-ray images of healthy dogs made by Susanne AEB Borofka (PhD - dipl. ECVDI, Utrecht, Netherland) have been categorized topographically into seven chapters (head, vertebral column, thoracic limb, pelvic limb, larynx/pharynx, thorax and abdomen/pelvis).

648 differentiated anatomical legends have been added by Antoine Micheau (MD, Montpellier, France), separated in different colors to improve the survey and the identification of searched structures on each radiograph.

Terms are labeled using the Latin terms defined in the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria (fifth edition - 2012 by ICVGAN). They have been translated into english and french by Antoine Micheau - MD, Imaios.





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