Common calcaneal tendon - Tendo calcaneus communis

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The common calcaneal tendon is the aggregate of the different combined tendons that attache to the tuber calcanei.

In dogs, the common calcaneal tendon is composed by different elements that are never fully fused together, but contained within a unifying connective tissue sheath.

    • The tendon of the gastrocnemius, the main component
    • The tendon of the superficial digital flexor, that first lies cranial to the tendon of gastrocnemius, then cross it medially and extends at the caudal surface of the common calcaneal tendon on the tuber calcanei before his tarsal plantar continuation. The broadening of the the superficial digital flexor tendon on the tuber calcanei forms an expanded calcanean "cap" (Galea calcanea) that is fixed to the calcanean tuber laterally and medially by retinaculata.
    • Joining these two tendons are those of the biceps femoris laterally (sometime termed "lateral calcanean tract") and the combined tendon of the semitendinous and gracilis medially (this combination is sometime termed "medial calcanean tract", or "accessory calcaneal tendon").

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