Малый сальник - Omentum minus

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The lesser omentum connects the lesser curvature of stomach and cranial part of duodenum to the visceral surface of the liver.

It is the largest derivative of the ventral mesogastrium but is not nearly as large as the greater omentum which it resembles in structures although it contains less fat.

The lesser omentum loosely spans the distance from teh lesser curvature of the stomach to the porta of the liver and attaches to the abdominal floor, theline of attachment extending form the diaphragm to the umbilicus. The lesser omentum is continuous with the cranial mesoduodenum and attaches ot the margin of the oesophageal hiatus of to the diaphragm between the cardia of the stomach and the liver.

The lesser omentum is divided into two portions that are continuous:

  • The hepatogastric ligament is the proximal portion of the lesser omentum that reaches form the stomach to the liver, containing the gastric vessels.
  • The hepatoduodenal ligament is the distal portion of the lesser omentum, that connects the liver to the cranial part of duodenum. It forms the free right border of the lesser omentum and the ventral boundary of the epiploic foramen. It contains the portal vein, hepatic artery and bile duct.


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