Medial tarsal collateral ligament - Ligamentum collaterale tarsi mediale


The medial tarsal collateral ligament consists of the two following parts:

  • The long medial tarsal collateral ligament extends between the medial malleolus and the base of the medial metatarsal bones, attaching also to the medial tarsal bone along its course.
  • The short medial tarsal collateral ligament arises from the medial malleolus, deep to the long one, and divides into two branches, one of which attaches to the talus and one to the calcaneus. In carnivores and tuminants an additional branch extends to the medial metatarsal bones.

Text by Antoine Micheau, MD - Copyright IMAIOS
Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Mammals: Textbook and Colour Atlas, Sixth Edition - Horst Erich König, Hans-Georg Liebich - Schattauer - ISBN-13: 978-3794528332


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