Clavicular part [cleidobrachialis] - Pars clavicularis [musculus cleidobrachialis]l

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General terms > Myology > Muscles of thoracic limb > Deltoid > Clavicular part [cleidobrachialis]



The clavicular part of the deltoid muscle is a part of the deltoid muscle that is well present in human shoulder because of it insertion on the clavicle. But due to the reduction of the clavicle, in domestic animals, this part of the deltoid is included as a part of the brachiocephalic muscle called the cleidobrachial muscle. So in the Vth edition of the NAV, the cleidobrachial muscle is described as the "Clavicular part of deltoid", but included in the muscles of the neck section as a part of the brachiocephalic muscle !...

Text by Antoine Micheau, MD - Copyright IMAIOS


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