vet-Anatomy is an interactive atlas of veterinary anatomy based on medical imaging. vet-Anatomy has been created on the same framework than the popular award-wining e-Anatomy, but dedicated to animals, under the direction of Dr. Susanne AEB Boroffka, dipl. ECVDI, PhD and Dr. Antoine Micheau, MD.

Dog 15

Interactive atlas of the dog anatomy based on veterinary anatomy diagrams medical images, radiographs and CT

Cat 2

Feline anatomy: an interactive atlas for veterinarians

Horse 1

Atlas of veterinary anatomy of the horse

Bull and cow 1

Interactive atlas of veterinary bovine anatomy

Mouse 1

The anatomy of the laboratory mouse: an interactive atlas of cross-sectional murine anatomy based on imaging exams

Ditto P.

Just learn for it

Saara K.

Very useful and accurate app

Yashwant B.

Very useful and detailed anatomy of Dog, even the all information is not free, this app is awesome..!

Prabha a.

Very nice


Thank u for doing amazing program, i m waiting other part of body.